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Join a Campaign You’ll Be Proud of!

Volunteer to help elect Molly McGartland to Wisconsin State Assembly 20th District

The November 4th election is an event. The store is open for one day. Whichever candidate gets the most votes, wins. Easy enough.

However, the 20th District campaign is a process. It’s a huge 10-week effort to introduce Molly McGartland to as many people as possible and convince them she’s the best candidate to represent us in Madison.

A campaign is different from the election. The election is divisive. It’s probably the most divisive thing we do. It’s why we vote in private. We actually choose which person is better. The campaign is far more fun. It’s the most unifying thing we do. A good campaign – like this one – is totally inclusive, always drawing a bigger group of people into a larger circle of friends.

Molly McGartland is inviting you to have the time of your life, meeting and talking with all sorts of people, pleasantly persuading them about why Molly will make their lives better when you check her name on your ballot. There are many ways for you to help. All of them are needed. If you have something completely different you’d like to do, let us know. Just write in your own ideas and email them on the form below.

This campaign is going to be exciting. In a few weeks, Molly McGartland is going to be the talk of Wisconsin. We’ll be running a positive campaign with a confident, winning attitude. It’s why Molly is going to win! Please contact us today and join our team. Use the form below. You’ll be proud and glad you did!

  • Request a yard sign
  • Distribute yard signs
  • Host a Happy Hour mixer for friends, neighbors and family to meet Molly.
  • Be part of our Parade Brigade – throw candy, ride in a cool car or cruise on your bike!
  • Phone your friends and neighbors.
  • Get talking points and talk with your friends
  • Help distribute literature about Molly.
  • Contact friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Join our e-mail and calling tree campaign
  • Donate to Molly’s campaign

Please take a moment to complete the volunteer form below. Don’t forget to press “Send Volunteer Form!”

I will help the campaign in the following ways:

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