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District 20 Vote Freedom, Make It Molly Vote on November 4th for Wisconsin State Assembly


Vote Freedom, Make It Molly Donate Here, Invest in a Better Future District 20

Contribute to the Molly McGartland campaignMaking a political contribution is a big step. Many people have never contributed before. It’s putting your money where your vote will be.

This time, it’s different. Your contribution to the Molly McGartland campaign is your investment to assure a brighter future for you, your family and friends, and your neighbors throughout the 20th District. The candidates are different politically. You’d expect that. But they are also different in personality, approach, willingness to consider other opinions and commitment to the people.

Molly McGartland was an award-winning realtor, helping people buy and sell homes. She knows thousands of people. She knows community leaders in government, banking, business and churches.

The bottom line is Molly knows the district far better than her opponent, even though she is challenging an incumbent. She knows how to help and is committed to do it. Molly McGartland will work to improve the local economy, improve educational opportunities for all and strive to attract more jobs from outside the district as well as assisting local firms to grow so they, too, are able to hire more workers.

Your contribution – in any amount – is an investment not in a person but in a better future. Even those who disagree with Molly will be well-served by her, effectively represented in Madison and taken into consideration when important decisions are made.

“Please take a few moments right now and make an investment in the Molly McGartland campaign. You’ll be an essential part of an exciting, worthwhile and positive path to a brighter future for everyone on the South Shore. Make your checks payable to “Friends of Molly McGartland” at 3777 S. Ahmedi Ave., St. Francis, WI 53235. Or make a contribution on your credit card using the secure form below. Thanks very much!”

Yours for lower taxes,

Molly McGartland

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