Vote Freedom Molly
Make it Molly McGartland
District 20 Vote Freedom, Make It Molly Vote on November 4th for Wisconsin State Assembly


Are you ready for a political candidate who actually listens? Then get ready for the “Friends of Molly McGartland” campaign!

At the heart of it, a political campaign is a big communications project. All effective communication is a two-way street. Messages go out to the public. Hopefully, messages will come back from the public to the candidate. This form is your chance. Please let us know how you feel. Here are some ideas.

  • Are there issues you want Molly to address?
  • Is there something Molly should know?
  • Is there a place where she could come to meet people?
  • Are there any dirty tricks the opposition is planning?
  • Are there neighborhoods Molly should visit?
  • Are there events where she should appear?
  • Are their groups to whom Molly could speak?
  • Is there anything at all you want us to know?

Email us now. We’ll get back you right away. Be sure to tell your friends about the Molly McGartland campaign in the Wisconsin 20th Assembly District.

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