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Molly McGartland representing the 20th Assembly DistrictWhen representing the 20th Assembly District, I will lead state legislators to work together and develop common sense solutions to the challenges faced by the State of Wisconsin. Contrary to popular belief, bipartisan legislation is very much in the Wisconsin tradition.

Of the 438 bills passed by the State Assembly during 2013, 93.5% (406) had bipartisan support. Most importantly, of the 380 assembly bills which were actually signed into law, 96.6% (367) had bipartisan support. Of the actual legislation which was enacted, only 13 bills (3.42%) had a straight party line vote.

Incumbent Rep. Christine Sinicki is completely outside the moderate opinions of 20th District residents. Sinicki votes with her liberal progressive cronies in Madison, often ignoring local opinions and even voting against the best interests of the District. Contrary to her, I know and understand the 20th District and will vote to represent residents effectively and positively in Madison.


I am Molly McGartland, representative candidate, and I believe in common sense solutions. Here’s a fact – the needs of people are more important than the positions of political parties. With effective bipartisan legislation to tackle Wisconsin challenges in a positive way, McGartland will help create more opportunities, better job prospects, and better financial circumstances for all residents of the Wisconsin 20th Assembly District.

Vote for better, common sense proposals in Madison by marking your ballot for Molly McGartland for 20th District Assembly Representative on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

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