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20th District Representative Candidate

About Molly McGartland, Who Knows the 20th District Inside and Out

Molly McGartland candidate for 20th Wisconsin State Assembly DistrictMolly M. McGartland is a candidate for the 20th Wisconsin State Assembly District which is comprised of portions from Cudahy, St. Francis and Milwaukee. This is her third State Assembly campaign.

McGartland was a long-time Senior Real Estate Specialist and condominium expert, gaining deep familiarity with the South Shore neighborhoods she now seeks to represent. She helped dozens of local residents buy homes in the district. Molly saw the awful effects of the real estate crash and the ongoing recession. Her powerful campaigns challenged the liberal policies which held down job growth.

She is committed to common sense solutions to problems on the South Shore. Molly McGartland is a practical problem-solver with a detailed understanding of the district. Her approach is practical instead of political. Her previous campaigns received strong support from Democrat, Republican and Independent voters. Many residents split their ballot to vote, especially for her.

McGartland is strongly committed to education, and served as Board Chairperson of the School Advisory Board for St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Catholic School. She is a powerful supporter of more parental involvement in their child’s education.

She is co-owner of The Country Club Tavern in Cudahy. As a small business owner, McGartland is extremely aware of the challenges facing entrepreneurs. The obstacles to success are many, including high state and property taxes, burdensome state regulations and chronic unemployment. Many patrons complain bitterly about the need for a stronger commitment to economic growth in Madison. Molly McGartland has promised to be their voice.

McGartland is 42. She lives in St. Francis with her husband Brian and their two daughters, Maura and Eleanor. Molly attended Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee to study Sociology and English. Her family attends St. Paul Catholic Parish.

Please read more about how you can contribute to my election as 20th District Representative. If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop me a line and we'll talk.

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