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Molly McGartland
Make It Molly McGartland For State Assembly District 20 Vote for Molly on November 4th
Vote Freedom, Make it Molly District 20
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  • Molly meeting a couple at the July 4th Parade

    Vote Molly McGartland, 20th District State Assembly to represent Milwaukee's South Side

  • Molly talking with a senior, resident of District 20

    Molly McGartland is running for 20th State Assembly to represent Milwaukee's South Side Vote November 4th for a brighter future!

  • Molly with Aggies Cakes & Pastries Owner

    Molly McGartland running for 20th State Assembly for a stronger economy, better education, lower taxes and more jobs Vote November 4th Make it Molly!

You Can Help Give the 20th District a Brighter Future!

This year’s campaign in the Wisconsin State Assembly 20th District will be one of the most exciting and consequential races in our entire state.


This Year, “Make it Molly” for Common Sense Solutions

Molly McGartland meeting with Layton Fruit Market Owner Joseph ProiteCommon sense solutions will solve the problems we face on the South Shore. I was a successful realtor for years. I know the district. I know the neighborhoods. I know the people. I know the needs.

My husband and I own the Country Club Tavern in Cudahy. We know how difficult it is to run a successful small business in Wisconsin. The taxes, the regulations, the joblessness. It’s not a path to success. It’s an obstacle course!

People come in all the time and complain about high property taxes and the lousy economy. They ask, “Where is the commitment in our District for economic growth?” “If the economy is doing so good, how come I’m doing so bad?” “If there’s no inflation, why are my utility bills going up, gasoline prices going up, food prices going up?”

We Need a Stronger Economy. Right Here, Right Now

It’s why I am calling for a $500,000 grant to establish a South Shore Economic Development Commission. Let’s bring together local business, government and educational leaders to attract new manufacturing firms. The 20th District is a terrific location for all types of manufacturing. We’ve got everything. Transportation. Infrastructure. Educational institutions for training. Strong financial institutions. A willing, able and experienced workforce. Let’s do it!

We Need Better Education. With More Parental Involvement

I have served as Chairperson of the Advisory Board at Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy Catholic School. I have seen the needs firsthand. I know one thing for certain. There must be more parental involvement in their child’s education. Parents want this. I certainly do.

Eventually, I want to see Educational Savings Accounts here in Wisconsin. State-tax exempt savings accounts to put parents completely in charge of their children’s education. This will assure higher-quality education. Schools will be totally accountable to parents as well as students. Wisconsin schools need a better report card. Let’s help them achieve it.

Choose Molly McGartland for Lower Taxes and More Jobs

As your representative candidate, I support your right to bear arms, express your faith, drive the vehicle of your choice, eat what you like and live how you choose. With lower taxes, a better economy, more jobs and better schools.

Please join our team. Make a donation of any amount. Help me win this race over Christine Sinicki. We can improve the lives of all our friends and neighbors with common sense solutions.

This year, Make it Molly!

Thank you very much.

Molly McGartland, Candidate
Wisconsin 20th State Assembly District

Let's turn around Milwaukee's South Shore with more jobs, lower taxes, and better education. Please consider a way to contribute to the campaign.
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